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PSI is entering a new era as a firm. It made sense that we began this new phase by sharing a little bit about how we got here and the values that have sustained our business over the economy’s ups and downs over the past sixteen years.

PSI was founded by Kenny Chen and Joe Afonso with a mission to create a truly usable business software for medium-sized businesses. Many small businesses have outgrown their rudimentary accounting software or in-house developed legacy systems and need an easy-to-use, fully integrated software system to manage the growth and operation standardization. PSI provides tailored solutions to meet those varied customer needs.


Many companies throw out the word integrity in hopes that it will impress or comfort prospective clients, but it is one of the core values on which we founded PSI. Before starting PSI, we saw too many examples of companies over-promising and under-delivering ERP solutions that usually meant customers having to pay more than the original budget or being left with the implementation incomplete. . We did not want to perpetuate those types of problems. We promised ourselves that we would operate differently and focus on delivering projects on time, on budget, and within the scope. While it might sound cliched, we’ve spent the last sixteen years keeping that promise.


We have grown over those sixteen years but remain agile and able to respond to our customers’ needs with high-touch service. Each client is assigned dedicated resources to assess their needs, define the scope, execute and manage their project as well as provide ongoing support. As a result, our staff maintains a deep knowledge of each client, their operations, and the solution we delivered, ensuring exemplary service long after the project completion.


Typically, clients come to PSI searching for help as they have outgrown their existing systems and needed to gain better visibility and efficiency in their operations. Choosing a best-fit ERP system is one thing, selecting a vendor who can commit to delivering the project as promised is lot more challenging. When we takes on a project, we are committed to our customer for a successful implementation. For that, we are willing to put extra effort to ensure we deliver our promise and customer satisfaction

Going Forward

We are going to use this space to share stories about our clients, our solutions, where we see the industry headed, and where we are going as a company. We hope you will follow along. We’d also like to hear from you so please reach out to us. You can comment below, email us or tweet us. No matter how you reach out, we will be in touch. We look forward to connecting.

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