Estimating and Quoting

This module offers a significant benefit for custom manufacturers. It is fully integrated with the Order Entry and Work Order systems, which means that you can price based on cost for custom products.

You can use templates to quickly insert bills of material and routing, and modify them for new builds. The estimating software modules give you the flexibility you need to get a quote out to your customer, fast.


  • Work from user configured templates
  • Materials are costed either at standard or supplier costs
  • Routings and operations are modified to generate labour and overhead costs
  • Quote multiple quantities from a single estimate
  • Apply margin % at materials, labour, and overhead portions
  • Calculate selling price based on margin % or on a fixed price
  • Multiple estimates can be pulled into the customer quotation
  • Once a quotation is converted to a sales order, the work order can be generated based on the estimate

Sales Order Entry

Order entry modes for high or low volume can be configured according to the workflow environment.

The module’s key features:

  • A smart tracking feature automatically recalls and loads items the customer orders regularly
  • Duplicate order prevention through PO validation and recent order warning
  • Order entry using your customer’s SKU number
  • Customer pricing and specific alert messages on order entry
  • Credit warnings at order entry
  • Stock availability check
  • Promotion tracking
  • Commissions calculations
  • Repeat orders by copying previous orders/quotes
  • Order upload function

Sales Order Configurator

This module drives the order entry process with a series of questions that allow you to pick preconfigured options to build a custom item. For example, a piece of furniture where you’re using a standard frame, but options providing the customer with options for fabric and other finishing details that are not on the standard bill of materials.

The options you select determine final pricing of the item, and lists the materials that will be used right on your work order. These work orders can be generated directly from sales orders.

Features include:

  • User configurable templates
  • List questions of optional materials
  • Bill of materials substitutions
  • Routing substitutions
  • Pricing based on selected options
  • SKU-builder based on the selected options

Sales Pricing Management

LeanEra’s sales pricing functionality can handle a range of customer pricing needs from simple to complex. It is:

  • Quantity based
  • Date sensitive
  • Multi-currency
  • Able to assign multiple price groups to a customer on a priority basis to control customer specific deviation from the standard price list
  • Able to support limited time offers and promotions based on product groups
  • Able to offer user control on price lock and override
  • Able to export and import update processes

Operation Control Center

The Operation Control Center is a customer service tool, that gives you a real-time view into your order status in all its stages, from entry through to invoicing. In one screen, this module offers a snapshot status of each stage. You now no longer need to put your customer on hold or walk over to the shop floor to get an update. This module can transform the efficiency of your customer service team.

Each of the components allows you to drill down for quick access to the details on the:

  • Sales order
  • Associated transactions
    • Work orders
    • Purchase orders
    • Packing slips
    • AR invoice
    • AP invoice


Shipping is intimately integrated with the Sales Order module. Depending on what is best for your company, we offer flexible shipping processes that can be configured to your unique environment and work flow requirements.

  • Standard shipping modules
  • Sales order allocations: lot or non-lot controlled items can all be allocated to SO
  • Formal pick list/pick and pack
  • Automatic management of back order
  • Pick list scan
  • Ability to integrate with common courier shipping systems
  • Export/commercial invoice
  • Bill of landing
  • Dangerous goods documentation for transportation compliance
  • Carriers, freight sales/costs
  • Ship weight calculations