As chemical manufacturers, are you looking for ways to simplify your process without compromising quality, while adhering to regulatory requirements? From simple mixing operations to more complex, multi-step, chemical reactions, LeanEra provides the tools to streamline the process, manage lot-controlled products and comply with safety regulations.  The CRM mobile app is fully integrated with LeanEra to provide your sales force with access to real-time customer data and sales history, when and where they need it.

Some of the features on offer:

  • Create new product, BOM, routing, and related documents using one screen with the Product Master
  • Manage customer SKUs, descriptions, and labels, which reduces the need for part numbers
  • Enter orders by customer SKU – track order history and bring up a customer’s favorite items
  • Formula development, production bills, version control, and batch size control
  • Lot costing and traceability from cradle-to-grave
  • Dangerous goods handling and complete shipping documents
  • Detailed and comprehensive sales margin analysis with the ability to slice-and-dice sales and expenses