As a foam fabrication manufacturer, the wide range of products you offer poses challenges to your business goal of achieving the fastest turnaround for your custom-made products. We understand that often, you have mere hours to get a product from customer specification to production and out to shipping. Consistently delivering to customer expectations, accurately and to the highest demands of quality, is the key to staying ahead of your competition.

We can help you.

LeanEra Spec Master can support your processes. It has an easy to configure and use spec creation tool for job estimate, quotation and order entry, and it allows you to get quick price calculations based on foam grade and board-foot volume for custom shapes and builds.

Feature Highlights

Order Process Designed for High Volume Fabrication

  • Easy order entry, converts pieces to bdft volume, price calculation by foam grades and boardfoot.
  • Foam volume calculator imbedded in order entry, makes order entry fast, easy and accurate
  • Design on the fly. Create custom spec product by easy configuration with product templates. Custom spec generates unique bill of material for production
  • Customer sales price by foam grade and selling units
  • Generate production orders from sales order
  • Order Control Center provides visibility from inventory availability, production stage, to shipping and invoice status

Work Order Management

  • Tools to gang work orders by material grade, operation and work center
  • Visualize foam volume while adding work orders helps user to determine what and which blocks to use, maximize the material usages and control waste
  • Efficient gang reporting updates inventory and multiple work orders in one step
  • Lot control, block allocation to work orders and return to stock of split lots

Visual Scheduling Calendar 

  • Drag and drop production scheduling by order ship date
  • Reschedules attached work orders automatically
  • Hold bucket gives visual of pipeline and non-approved orders 
  • Group orders by ship date and/or truck route. 
  • Visual schedule updates for full floor visibility
  • Prioritize truck loading order based on route address




The packaging process made easy for users to package the order, scan the label and close the work order in one step

  • Packaging schedule is fed from the shipping schedule.
  • Package orders in priority of shipping schedule
  • Packaging process closes multiple work orders and creates shipping labels ready to scan at shipping
  • Automatically updates order status 


  • Build shipment through scan ship process.
  • Automatically validates against order list and scheduled ship docks
  • Finalize shipment and close the order in just a couple of clicks
  • Generate packing slip and consolidated BOL


  • Pricing by boardfoot, inventory by block pieces and volume
  • Ability to auto-generate new lot numbers at receiving

Spec Master

  • Custom product spec creation: bill of material, multiple operations that facilitates work order ganging and reporting. 
  • Calculate spec cost
  • Calculate sales price according to customer’s unique price book by foam grades
  • Stores the spec and price for that unique customer