Mobile CRM

Having access to real-time information, on the road is the dream! With LeanEra Mobile CRM, it is possible now. You can access your accounts and other key information from your mobile devices. The system is geared to provide you with key information on the accounts, leads, and opportunities that you manage with a few touches of your screen.

Here are some key features of the module:

  • Customer order history provides order number, item details, and price paid
  • Configurable multi-level security
  • Charts for sales target vs actuals
  • Sales volume comparison – the same period for this year vs last year
  • Tracks order frequency by customer and will alert when a customer order cycle is disrupted. This helps you move into a proactive response mode and offer enhanced customer care.
  • Notes and correspondences from your office service desk sync with your mobile CRM and minimize direct phone contact with your back office.
  • Alerts come up when a customer is on credit watch or on-hold
  • Easy access contacts, accounts by geographic regions for effective route planning