LeanEra Third-party logistics (3PL) software provides a fully integrated solution for effectively managing warehouse operation, inventory and shipment, enabling logistics providers to carry out their work with greater accuracy, improved traceability and speed, and automate complex billing.


Order Fulfillment

Inbound and outbound order processing in true 3PL model, with ability to efficiently handle client-specific workflow to fulfill orders from all channels.


Warehouse Management

Built-in comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) with RF mobile computer enabling real-time inventory visibility, ensuring transparency and accuracy of inventory throughout the warehouse.


Automated Billing

Take the complex and tedious billing procedure off your manual chart! Customizable, client billing profile driven and automated billing schedules ensure that all billable services and activities are captured, greatly reducing errors in the billing process.


Client Portal

Fully integrated web portal provides your client with easy order entry and the real-time visibility on order status and tracking information

 LeanEra Applications for you

3PL Operations

Built and configured for the warehouse and logistic companies.

Supply Chain

Complete Contact Manager, Purchase orders and Quality Control

Client Portal

Making your product available online, practically a necessity.


Fully integrated with all functional areas of the system.



3PL Provider Hyperlink Logistics Case Study

Hyperlink Logistics implemented a new ERP 3PL system in 2020 transitioning from their legacy Navision System to a more advanced system with the goal to provide its clients with increased supply chain capacity, superior product handling accuracy and state of the art product offerings. Their performance since then has quadrupled.