Profit Solutions International (PSI)

A different kind of ERP company.

We believe good business software must be built on the business it serves.
PSI works together with customers to figure out how we can tailor our systems to the proven processes they have already developed, ensuring businesses reach their highest potential profitability and maximize success.

We satisfy our clients.
The PSI team is comprised of some of the ERP sector’s most experienced and knowledgeable people and they are devoted to each implementation. Perhaps that is why we sustain the highest standard of customer satisfaction. Based in Milton, Ontario since 1997, PSI fulfills our promises. We are committed to helping our clients gain control, reduce costs, and increase profit. Our software tools provide better visibility to an organization’s entire operation, no matter what industry or business sector.

We are committed to completing each implementation.
In an industry where a large number of implementations fail, the PSI team always delivers, even if we have to work with a customer to facilitate their internal process.

We stick to the original budget.
When we provide an estimate, we stay committed to that budget throughout the entire implementation project. So you can be confident that your ERP costs will have a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


  • Process-Driven

    PSI is a process-driven company. We manage and integrate business processes on behalf of our customers, so it makes sense that we emulate the quality management and reporting processes that our customers rely on. It’s good business practice.

  • Cost Management
    Cost Management

    While ERP implementations often get out of control, PSI is committed to the original estimate for each project. That ensures a low Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Flexible Solution
    Flexible Solution

    PSI delivers a proven system that is customized to each company’s unique and proven business processes.

  • High Success Rate
    High Success Rate

    We have consistently delivered successful ERP implementations. We do whatever it takes to make sure your project is successful. That’s our commitment.


Our customer base includes some the world’s top manufacturers and leading service providers. They are leaders in their field. Our PSI team also includes leaders. We help small and medium sized companies by providing valuable solutions and providing exceptional service. That requires good people who care as much as we do about the success of our customers. Because we are a small company, we operate with the business agility that breeds success. We have few management layers and operate collaboratively with open communication, fast decision-making and innovative thinking. In this kind of environment, you have a real opportunity to shape the company’s future. If this environment appeals to you, send us an email with a copy of your resume to

Customer Testimonials

  • We have been working closely with the team at PSI since 2002; we depend greatly on their ERP & Accounting system to assist us in efficiently running our business.

    Dawn Zuber (Controller) Dieter’s Metal Fabricating Ltd
  • JEMS Coating has been partnered with PSI since 2003. Today, we continue to work with the same platform over 13 years later. In particular, I am impressed that our installation has been able to hold up to the high level of daily transactions that take place in our facility.I would highly recommend PSI for the value-oriented organization looking for a practical installation for a reasonable price.

    Robert German (President) JEMS Coating Limited
  • Liftway has been partnered with PSI since 2006 and, even though we have a uniquely customized version of their software, the organization continues to provide timely support and troubleshooting expertise whenever called upon. We use PSI software to run all aspects of our business so dependability is critical to us.

    Ross Cochrane (General Manager) Liftway limited
  • At Springland we have used PSI's ERP software for over 10 years. The software meets our needs in terms of sales, purchasing, AP, AR, production and inventory planning as well as general ledger reporting. The PSI customer service staff is great to work with in terms of providing support and our customization needs .

    Herman Lepp (Managing Partner) Springland Mfg.
  • PSI has been a partner in our business for the past 10 years. Our relationship started with the development and integration of a new ERP system. We have since had PSI develop custom based platforms to support our national sales force. All this is integrated with our ERP system.

    Steve Levschuk (President) Talbot Marketing