When you are a custom manufacturer, you know that being able to provide quality products with competitive prices is the key to win business and loyalty of your customers.

LeanEra’s estimating software is the tool you need. Its ease of use and flexibility allow an estimator to configure a custom product quickly.  By using pre-built product templates or previous builds, the estimator can make applicable changes, adjust margins, material requirements, and labor levels, then simply save and send the quotation.

LeanEra offers:

  • An easy to use estimating platform
  • The ability to define total margin on a quote, or to specify margins on material, labor and overhead as applicable
  • Easy conversion from estimate to quote to sales order
  • The ability to generate purchase orders for procured material
  • The ability to generate a work order and child work order from a sales order based on the estimated bill
  • An order control center to track status from order to production to shipping to invoicing