Your Business Processes have been Refined – and they Work. So you need an ERP system that adapts to your operation, not the other way around!

LeanERA Manufacturing helps users work more efficiently at each stage of the business process. It is comprised of software modules that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and processes. You won’t need to reinvent your processes to fit the system parameters; the flexible software adapts quickly and easily to your proven operational practices. Each implementation of LeanERA Manufacturing begins with the same core software. But it is flexible enough to be applied in a variety of business environments. Built on an extensive library of application modules, LeanERA Manufacturing is implemented with the appropriate modules that support each customer’s varied business functions and processes.

Streamline Production Planning for Any Plant

LeanERA Manufacturing provides a window into productivity and plant management through a single integrated application that provides the ability to oversee the entire plant and office procedures. It’s all about better visibility to the sales, customer contacts, quality controls, expenses and revenue projections for better management capacity.