Zero call-backs

  • Order Entry has immediate real-time access to all customer and service information
  • Answer any question without a call-back; capture the order before it gets away
  • Instant updates on price, delivery quantity, WIP, account status, terms

Here & now tracking

  • Picking process is fully integrated with customer service and management information
  • Real-time updates of committed and picked orders (not batch processed)
  • Direct support for data from scanners and hand-held devices

Efficient freight control

  • Generate Bills of Lading, packing slips, export declarations and labels with customer details captured from Sales Orders
  • Support for advanced labeling and bar-coding technologies

Flexible POS options

  • Integrate LeanEra order entry, shipping and invoicing modules into one POS service package
  • Can plug in 3rd-party POS systems to utilize PSI tracking and reporting