E-commerce/Customer Portal

In today’s increasingly digital, gig-economy, making your product available online is practically a necessity.

Do you have an e-commerce online store? LeanEra’s e-commerce online portal connects directly to LeanEra ERP for ease of product and customer pricing management. With this solution, you no longer need to upload prices or products to your website; you can manage it all from within the your ERP cutting many steps, saving time and accurately managing inventory.  Think about this, if you update the price of an item on your system, it will automatically update on your website!

Some of the other features the module offers:

  • Secure and unique customer login
  • Prices are unique to the customer
  • Customers see only the products that are available to them
  • Product images can be unique to specific customers, such as OEM or private label, using customer SKU number, description, images and specific documents
  • Product documents and customer specific documents are accessible from the e-store
  • Customers can see the order status and order history
  • Favourite and repeat any order easily
  • Online orders are instantly created in the ERP system – order notification can be sent to customer service and sales reps.