For project-centric businesses, LeanEra offers a full suite of applications that integrates sales, purchasing, accounting, and project management. The software allows you to pull real-time activities into your project plan, which mean you can appropriately manage, and stay on top of critical milestones.

Bundled with real-time financials and accounting, LeanEra offers a wide spectrum of viewpoints on your project’s budget and cost control, schedule monitoring, and milestone status.

Templates and Portfolio

  • Create a template for a portfolio of projects
  • Templates carry common processes, tasks, activities, and budget structures for projects

Task Management

  • Task dependencies
  • Budget, activities, costs, documents, and resources can all be registered at a task level for a clear view of everything related to every task in each project
  • Report and compare budgets and costs of a task with all projects in your portfolio
  • Gantt and scheduling

Issue Tracking

  • Track project issues
  • Color coded issue status
  • Track due dates for issue resolutions

Budget Management

  • Budget can be setup at any task and sub-task level
  • Every task can have multiple categories of budgets
  • Budgets can classified under different groups for budget-cost analysis
  • Up to three sets of budgets can be established at different stages of a project
  • Budget approval and lock down
  • Budget change log and notes

The power of this system is its real-time project accounting and financial management. Each financial transaction can be tied in to project tasks and grouped by cost codes instantly. Project budgeting can be developed at the task level. Every project can be reviewed on a budget, forecast or actual level through the project financial reports. With this level of detail available, financial comparisons can be made on the project, company, and multi-currency level.


  • Sales order specific to project
  • Progressive billing by milestone completion status
  • Automatic email notifications and easy invoice generation


  • Allows project managers to create project and project task specific purchase requisitions
  • Purchase order project allocation
  • Multi-level purchase approval process and notifications
  • Progressive payment according to project schedules and milestone completion status

Real-time Project Accounting

  • Transactions can link to specific projects and tasks for real-time project accounting
  • Project P/L reports present a complete and clear view of project cost, expenses, and revenue from multiple angles

Centralized document management

  • Documents are stored centrally, and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Attach documents to purchase orders, sales orders, vendors, customers, and any transaction record
  • Search by tags, keywords, categories, and document dates
  • Project Binder groups all documents related to a project for viewing and selective printing in the project master

Time Sheet and Expense Tracking

  • Automatically create timesheets with tasks assigned to the user
  • Easily add a set of tasks from different projects to the timesheet
  • Labour costs and expenses can be tied to each and every project at task level

Resource Assigning

  • Assign resources to projects and tasks
  • Instant email notification to the assignee
  • Assignment to roles or to the individuals