Product Management

LeanEra is a feature-rich suite of applications for product engineering, construction, formula design, and quality management.

Sales Management

This module offers a significant benefit for custom manufacturers. It is fully integrated with the Order Entry and Work Order systems

Manufacturing Management

The Work Order system is fully integrated with MRP and the Shop Floor Control system to provide real-time information on your jobs.

Purchase Management

Similar to the Customer Master, the Supplier Master combines a complete Contact Manager with essential financial, shipping, and summary data to support your purchasing functions.

E-commerce/Customer Portal

In today’s increasingly digital, gig-economy, making your product available online is practically a necessity.

Mobile CRM

Having access to real-time information, on the road is the dream! With LeanEra Mobile CRM, it is possible now. You can access your accounts and other key information from your mobile devices.

Project Management

For project-centric business, LeanEra offers a full suite of applications that integrates ales, purchasing, accounting, and project management.

Customer Testimonials

  • We have been working closely with the team at PSI since 2002; we depend greatly on their ERP & Accounting system to assist us in efficiently running our business.

    Dawn Zuber (Controller) Dieter’s Metal Fabricating Ltd
  • The staff at PSI bring with them Manufacturing Experience so they understand the challenges that we face. The reason why this program was successful over others is that we didn’t have to change our business to fit the software package; they made the software work to meet our business practices.

    Dawn Zuber (Controller) Dieter's Metal Fabricating Ltd