You run a fabrication shop. Your challenge is to satisfy customer demand with the limited resources and materials at your disposal. Your competitiveness relies on how you deliver your custom-made products: on time, on budget, and in line with high quality expectations from your customer.

LeanEra is a solution that can help you significantly drive up purchasing power. It offers tools to oversee material inventory, open order requirements and make sales forecasts. You are also be able to factor in vendor lead times and safety quantities to serve as back up. All this facilitates better purchasing decisions for your business.

Other support functions include:

  • Handle multiple UoM conversions for items on purchasing, inventory and selling
  • Inventory planning and purchasing driven by forecast, current orders, minimum planning levels, and supplier lead times.
  • An order control center view for customer service to see the complete order status
  • Purchase order allocation to specific projects
  • Project cost and material usage tracking
  • Job costing and standard costing models