Supplier Master

Similar to the Customer Master, the Supplier Master combines a complete Contact Manager with essential financial, shipping, and summary data to support your purchasing functions. This module is able to manage a variety of purchasing terms and lead-times. It can capture current open order values, outstanding payables, and YTD purchases.

  • PO price book
  • Supplier SKU
  • Multiple suppliers for any item
  • Item conversion from purchase to inventory UOM
  • Reports on support vendor analysis and performance

Purchase Order

Purchase orders can be released from various inventory management modules or as standalone orders.

  • Blanket purchase orders
  • Supplier RFQ
  • Consignment purchase order (supplier-owned inventory)
  • Ability to purchase directly against Project/work order/sales order items
  • Approval processes, including email approvals
  • Purchase requisition processes

Quality Control

In your manufacturing business, quality control is as important as getting your product out the door efficiently. You need to ensure that your manufacturing operation is meeting ISO standards and other regulatory requirements. Our quality control module is built with a set of features to support your quality goals, including:

  • Lot management
    • Chain of Custody reports
    • Lot attributes/historical records
    • Shelf life/lot expiration tracking
    • Documentation
    • SDS and COA
    • Flexible, configurable lot number schema
    • Vendor lot recording
  • Quality Control
    • Quality procedures
    • Scrap reporting
    • QC release process
  • Location management
    • Inventory/staging socations
    • QC locations
    • Holding locations
  • RMA process
    • Generating RMA with or without invoice numbers
    • Flag to control RMA approval process
    • RMA receive and sorting
    • Capture RMA type and reason code
    • RMA is part of the chain of custody report